Worldwide IPR

Worldwide IPR

Whether you are a multinational business owner or an individual, we are committed to providing fast, efficient and cost-effective worldwide IPR services for protecting inventions, trademarks or designs across the globe.

Transfer of IP Rights

In the transfer of IP rights, we assist the owner of IP (patent, utility model, trademark, copyright and a trade secret, etc.) to transfer the, to assignee (physical or legal entity) across the borders. Transfer of IP rights is different from the giving license.

IP Valuation

To determine the right valuation of IP is the important thing before transferring it to someone. You need to have a realistic, fast and efficient valuation service that we offer during selling, buying or joining forces that balance the interests of all parties involved.

IP Audit

Soni and Soni has a team of professional IP auditors who identify the potential of IP assets and monitor their performance. Our IP auditors let you improve your use of your department’s resources and help your company to succeed through a clear strategy. We provide IP’s monetary value, and protocols so that companies can better deal with IP in the future.