Soni and Soni is Ahmedabad, Gujarat based Legal service and support offering organization that ensures that your rights are registered, managed and protected. Our team has a broad and deep base of knowledge and experience in techno-legal-business complexities which make sure your creativity and innovation flourish with the utmost protection around the globe.

We Protect Your IP (Intellectual Property)

Your idea is your biggest asset and it should be protected. Without protection, you would not reap the full benefits of your creation. But due to globalization, businesses are crossing national boundaries and flourishing around the world. It has increased the complexity of business operations due to continuously changing legal regulations and technological advancements.

Soni and Soni is the most reliable intellectual property rights service provider in India which procure and protect Intellectual Property Rights across the globe. Our dedicated IP team will take over the administrative burden and offer creative solutions to the most complex legal and techno-legal issues.

Services We Offer


Extensively experienced in drafting patent applications which have a spectacular rate of success in all jurisdictions.


Providing comprehensive trademark services to a wide range of clients including giant corporations, SMEs and start-ups.

Professional and Adept Team

We back on an efficient team of professionals who have profound domain knowledge and extensive practice experience in counselling, prosecution, licensing, and litigation. Our team consists of specialized patent attorneys and lawyers who work towards a balanced and effective international IP system to deliver complete protection to your idea.

Robust industry knowledge and up-to-date legal expertise is our strength that helps our IP Litigation team to guide and advise clients as to how their IP interests can be effectively enforced. The experts and attorneys at Soni and Soni have experience in dealing across diverse sectors and understand the importance of giving customized solutions to our clients.


Effectively represent original creators in procuring copyright registrations in India and protect their work.

I.P Lawsuits

Expert in prosecution and opposition of IP matters to maintain IP portfolio by protecting your patents via legal proceedings.


Protect & maintain of design through registration relating to article under the provisions of Designs Act, 2000.


Provide accurate legal representation in commercial disputes and regulatory matters to protect client's intellectual property.

What We Do

Why Choose Us


  • Creators need easy and fast ways to protect their work and our experts are efficient to give techno-legal-business support in significant time.

Transparent Service

  • We are committed to keeping transparency in the IP protection process and as a result, we have repeated clients who have a strong faith in us.

Fair Practice

  • Our work approach is guided by our commitment to benefitting society through our clean, fair and transparent value system.

Additional Advice

  • Along with providing legal support to startups, we give consultation support which helps them to grow in a highly competitive environment.


  • We help in raising funds for businesses and projects along with legal support so that they can accelerate their growth smoothly.

Commercial Support

  • We offer technical guidance and sustainability support to businesses that help them to resolve techno-legal-commercial issues.