Providing comprehensive trademark services to a wide range of clients including giant corporations, SMEs and start-ups. We at Soni and Soni file more than 1,000 trademark applications every year. We represent clients in all major cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and more.

Trademark Filing

You build a brand with hard work and uncountable efforts so having exclusive ownership is your right. Our team at Soni and Soni fight for your rights and make sure you get your trademark application filled through a smooth and quick process so that no one can copy your mark and misrepresent other products with your mark.

Trademark Prosecution

Registering a trademark can be a difficult task. So you need to have a reliable partner at your side to ease this process. We have experienced attorneys who have expertise in prosecuting trademark applications filed as per the stringent rules and regulations of trademark laws in India. We safeguard your brand by finding persuasive arguments and other strategic ways to achieve trademark goals.

Trademark Opposition

There are millions of brands around the world and every business is competitive so it is common if your brand faces infringement knowingly or unknowingly. If someone claims or infringes any part of your portfolio, we take immediate action. Soni and Soni will support you in opposition and cancellation proceedings with the most affordable trademark opposition fee structure.

Trademark Infringement

India is the largest market in the world and a kind of mix type market where millions of enterprises and companies work under a free market concept so there might be a chance that your brand can be misused and infringed by others. There are two types of infringement; direct infringement and indirect infringement. We help you secure your brand from infringement and provide remedies by Indian law in case of any infringement.

Trademark Registration

Soni and Soni has a strong team of expert attorneys who have experience in filing trademark and Service Mark applications at the Indian Trademarks Registry. We also provide registration service internationally with the cooperation of our foreign associates or under the Madrid Protocol. We make sure your application comply with all the requirements so that trademark examiners examine and approve the application fast.

Trademark Renewal

Once the trademark is registered it stays for 10 years. However, you can renew it by paying the necessary prescribed fees every 10 years by filling out an online or offline application. Soni and Soni help you to keep your trademark status active and registered by providing constant support.

Trademark INN Search

If you want to register the trademark make sure the mark is strong. If your mark is not strong enough, it can be adjusted or altered while stronger marks can be retained by the business entities. Soni and Soni performed a detailed trademark search for your business to reduce the risk of rejection and infringement.

Trademark Restoration

Once the trademark renewal deadline has passed you can re-register the trademark. Applicants need to file the restoration application within 6 months to one year of the expiration date. Soni and Soni is a dedicated team for Trademark with expert Trademark Agents & Attorneys who have the expertise to restore trademarks so that brands don't have to suffer more.

Trademark Removal

Removal or cancellation of a registered trademark from the trademark register comes under section 47 of the Trademarks Act of 1999. There is a systematic process through which you can remove your trademark. We can assist you in doing that all you have to do is reach out to expert attorneys at Soni and Soni.

Trademark Rectification

If you have made an error while registering your Trademark, you can make corrections or rectification by following a prescribed procedure with a prescribed fee as per the Indian Trademark Act. However, trademark rectification does not work in every situation so our attorneys can guide you and help you to get it correct.

Trademark Licensing

Licensing your trademark so that you can increase the commercialization of it, increase the popularity of the mark among the people and make it a global mark. Team Soni and Soni assist clients in licensing their trademark and monitoring its quality from time to time.