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About Soni and Soni

Soni and Soni- Mynyx is a specialized Intellectual Property (IP) and trademark registration organization with end to end Intellectual Property Solutions. A value-driven corporation, SONI AND SONI - Mynyx is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our Strength is our in-depth expertise. We melt techno-legal-business experts together; we are readily available to provide our services in any corner of the world. Soni and Soni – Mynyx is a specialized Intellectual Property (IP) organization with end to end Intellectual Property Solutions. Soni and Soni offers one-stop IP solutions to all the innovation and research-based companies by helping them with identification, analysis, protection, management and exploitation of IP in an effective way.

Soni and Soni has well trained and highly experienced IP specialists in various techno-legal-commercial domains. We have a diverse client base that includes technology corporations, start-ups, law firms, patent brokerage firms, individual inventors and venture capitalists. We provide strong legal support to our clients which enable them to take the right decision based on critical insights into IP opportunities.

Our Values


Soni and Soni's mission is to provide genuine intellectual property solutions fairly to help companies to bring innovative products, ideas and creations to the market. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of the IP boutique to better serve clients by giving resources and a forum for international collaboration. We strive to give skilled advice to our clients on their IP matters after detailed research, in an efficient manner.


Our promise to ourselves sustains a smart environment through diversity and teamwork. While celebrating our success, we aspire to improve our abilities and groom them as time passes. We commit that we will emerge as a leader who is proactive, compassionate, responsive and delivers world-class service to all the clients.

Pro Bono

What we earned, we like to give back to our community. Soni and Soni offers pro bono assistance that empower positive symbiotic relationships between companies and communities. Through this initiative, we provide support to establish 'pro-bono ethic' across Indian law Firms. By taking the initiative to offer a service pro bono, we lend our catered expertise and legal support to local organisations or individuals to maintain social justice.

Soni and Soni Law Firm shares this mission and provides legal IP support to companies/individuals who cannot afford it by taking on projects in areas spanning from intellectual property, patent, trademark, design, copyright, I.P lawsuit, prosecution, startup support and incubation.

Through our pro bono assistance, we get access to work with a wide variety of cases which not only help us to grow as an attorney but also provide value added legal work experience. Assisting others to grow with selfless support makes us happy that cannot be earned by anything else in a legal career.

Our Clients