Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Soni and Soni offers a complimentary initial consulting service with specialized patent attorneys and lawyers with the appropriate legal and technical expertise to all IP creators and users.

Indian inventors are the backbone of India and they should be empowered. We at Soni and Soni would be happy to lend an ear as well as our expertise. We welcome companies/individuals to discuss all aspects of IP – from filing patents and trademarks in place through to registration, maintenance, infringement and prosecution.

Whatsapp Free Consultation

Through connecting with us on Whatsapp, you can get a wide range of free tips or services in the field of intellectual property. It's the simple way you can be updated about the trend in the patent, trademark, copyright industry.

Free IP Auditing

Get the free IP Auditing from our attorneys who have a broad range of experience with various types of IP and IP valuation matters. Our IP Auditing team help in IP development needs, opportunities, and risks so that you can focus on a particular event or type of IP and scale your growth.

IP Securitization

Soni and Soni provides free consultation on IP Securitization of rights which can increase a company's asset value, and valuing these assets will help top management to make an informed investment with secured transactions laws.

IP Valuation

It's necessary to know the value of your IP rights. Soni and Soni help you determine the right value so that you can easily sell your IP in a licensing deal or set transfer prices for an intercompany transaction.

IP Counseling

We believe in social-economic justice by providing free IP Counseling coverage across industries for the acquisition, enforcement and protection of IP. Our IP Counseling helps clients to develop both defensive and offensive IP strategies for success.