We assist the clients to protect & maintain design through registration relating to the article under the provisions of Designs Act, 2000 at most competitive prices with utmost quality. Once the design is registered successfully, the creator gets exclusive rights over use of the design for ten years which can also extend for the next five years under the Design Act.

Design Application

Give strength to your design by protecting it through IPR. Indian law provides protection to unique designs such as their shape, composition of colors, patterns or configuration in two or three dimensions. Here at Soni and Soni, we assist in filing and prosecuting design applications before the Indian Designs Office.

Design Filing

There are two ways through which you can register your design, one by filing your application physically or second by filing online. Our experienced attorneys examine the application whether it matches the completeness and discrepancies or not and help the applicant to get the grant.

Design Renewal

Once the registration certificate is published, the term for design exists for ten years from the date of registration. To extend the copyright term, the applicant has to submit the application to the controller in the prescribed manner after paying a prescribed fee.