We at Soni and Soni effectively represent original creators in procuring copyright registrations in India and protect their work including literary, musical works including compositions and audio/video recordings, lyrics and artistic. Our attorneys provide expert services in copyright registration, infringement and litigation.

Copyright Filing

Copyright is an Intellectual Property Right that protects your original work from nonconsensual use by any third party under the Copyright Act, 1957. We have a team of experienced attorneys who can assist you in filing the copyright application along with mentoring about all the necessary documents at the Copyright Registrar.

Copyright Registration

Once you have filled the copyright application successfully, the Copyright examiner examines and scrutinizes the application and then the registration is granted. The copyright office also provides a Copyright Registration Certificate by ensuring that there is no objection with the application filed. The copyright registration certificate is proof that you own that creation.

Copyright Licensing

Once you own the copyright license your creation becomes an asset and you can commercialize it by determining the real worth of your entity. Our Copyright Licensing experts simplify the licensing process for you by providing all techno-legal-business support and also making sure that copyright holders are paid for the use of their creation.